About us

StaticBox started out in 2001 as a really small and private network made by a couple of friends. Through time more people started getting interested in us so we decided to open up for public. 

Since that day, we started expanding. We like to keep our users happy with the latest ircd and services features available to us. After all, users are the most important factor of a good organized IRC network.

irc.argure.nl testlinked

I am pleased to announce that we have added irc.argure.nl to our network on a one week testlink basis. This should give our Europe-based users more choice when trying to select a stable and low-latency server to connect to. The administrator of this server is Argure, who you may know as the administrator of the PirateIRC network (the IRC network of the Pirate Party globally).
On behalf of the StaticBox staff and users, I would like to welcome Argure to the team.

Website update

I am pleased to report that unlike this website, StaticBox is still very much active and going strong. Just last week, we had more connections at any one time than we have seen previously. We have also updated our webchat client which is now back online and fully functioning again. If you happen to run a channel on StaticBox, you are able to embed our webchat into your own site and allow users to easily access your channel. 

charybdis 3.3 rolled out

We have rolled out charybdis 3.3 on the network with server-side MLOCK enforcement.  What this means is that instead of ChanServ reverting changes in it's MLOCK, the modechanges are simply not accepted to begin with.  For example, doing /mode #opers -t yields the following:

15:29:56 [staticbox] >> Server: #opers t inst MODE cannot be set due to channel having an active MLOCK restriction policy

Please let us know if you have any questions by joining #help or #staticbox and have a nice winter.

DNSBL changes

Per this morning's policy change, we will be shortly migrating from usage of DroneBL to EFNet RBL.  If you have any questions, ask in #staticbox.

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